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  Duo Vinzens Safari  

Hannah Vinzens and the organist Gordon Safari have been working together for many years. Since 2017, they have been giving concerts as the duo Vinzens Safari with cello and organ.


A particular concern of the two musicians is to make the repertoire for this unusual chamber music line-up known and to make previously unknown original repertoire accessible to listeners and musicians by means of sheet music editions and recordings. In 2001 the Duo Vinzens Safari recorded the complete works for violoncello and organ by Oskar Wermann (1840-1906) for the first time.

  Ensemble BachWerkVokal  

The Salzburg ensemble BachWerkVokal, founded by Gordon Safari in 2015, defines its central artistic point of reference in Johann Sebastian Bach's vocal works. Within a short time, BachWerkVokal developed into an ensemble for historical performance practice that is recognized beyond national borders.


Outstanding musicians from all over Europe come together at BachWerkVokal to form a homogeneous body of sound. Hannah Vinzens is chairwoman of the Artistic Advisory Board and is responsible for artistic and structural decisions as well as international marketing. of the Ensemble BachWerkVokal.

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  Salzburger Hofmusik  

As a long-time cellist and continuo cellist at the Salzburg Court Music under the direction of Prof. Wolfgang Brunner, in addition to numerous concerts in near and far with countless exciting works, a large number of CD recordings were made. The ensemble has defended its excellent reputation in recent years by recording the repertoire of works by Michael Haydn from Salzburg.

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  Klassik am Berg  

In the Waltensburg Church, a unique church interior can be musically brought to life in a new way. Equipped with the breathtaking frescoes of the Waltensburg master and surrounded by a unique mountain backdrop in the middle of the Surselva, the Waltensburg church hosts the new concert series "Klassik am Berg".


On behalf of the Cultura Vuorz / Waltensburg association, the initiator and artistic director Hannah Seraina Vinzens presents an exquisite program of 6 concerts with international artists per calendar year. As a special feature, the church interior has an organ in the center of the chancel, which can be used for organ concerts as part of "Klassik am Berg".

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